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How Rare Is Green Eyes And Brown Hair

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But brown hair is the most common hair colour. I think green eyes and brown hair is more rare than they blonde green eyes combo.

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My mom has green eyes but no.

How rare is green eyes and brown hair. Im 12 Irish maybe even a little more. Only 1-2 of the world pop has green eyes. Although most of the estimated 44 billion people in Asia are thought to have brown eyes there is a population of villagers in northwest China with green and blue eyes and in some cases light hair.

Only 1 to 2 percent of the population has red hair. Between 5-8 of the world pop has hazel eyes. Green eyes are also more common in women than men.

Brown is the most common eye color. Around 8 of world pop has blue eyes. Green eyes are very rare in people.

Green eyes are one of the rarest eye colors so you should definitely make the most of your exotic looks by illuminating them with the right cosmetic routine just like Kristen Stewart and Lucy Hale do. Brown or blue eyes are the most common but some people whether by luck or a medical condition wind up with really cool and rare eye colors. My sister has blonde hair and green eyes so im going to say no its not rare.

The traits for both red hair and blue eyes are recessive so the chances of these two coming together are very rare. A review by medical daily explains that these two traits are recessive genes therefore reducing the number of individuals to extremely low. Learn about why people have green eyes and how they are so unique.

Learn if red violet or grey eyes really exist and discover other unusual eye colorations. Ireland has one of the highest proportions in the world of green eyes. Bb means you get brown eyes.

By comparison nearly one-third of residents have green eyes. Again since these are the only possible trait combinations brown eyes would be more common making blue eyes rare-ish. I have green eyes and brown hair but my eyes also have a yellow hue to them and I have a small brown speck in one of my eyes Ive been told that I have Lizzies eyes lol.

As with most green-eyed people my eyes change color according to the clothes Im wearing or if my eyes are a little red from irritation or from crying. In Britain brown eyes are interestingly even more rare than green eyes with 22 percent of residents being brown-eyed. Between 55 and 79 percent of people worldwide have brown eyes.

Women with brown hair fair skin and green eyes have a natural beauty that requires only a light makeup routine but there are a great variety of cosmetic options when you do want to glam it up. Male celebrities with green eyes. Red hair and green eyes together is a particularly rare occurrence.

According to World Atlas eye color tends to fall into these percentages. I have blonde hair and green eyes. 4 rows I also have green eyes I am very pale with brown hair.

Well green hair is the least common eye colour. Both traits are the result of recessive genes just as blue eyes or O blood type. Green is possibly the rarest eye color in the world.

But what tops the list is red hair and blue eyes. So though it is rare only 2 of the population have green eyes having green eyes and brown hair is probably the least rare version if that makes sense. Green eyes are uncommon sure and its kinda cool that everyone with blue eyes is related but your deep ash blonde hair doesnt quite make the cut in terms of rare genetics.

Currently they can be found most often in Iceland the Netherlands Scotland Britain and Scandinavia. Brown eyes are most common with over 55 of the world pop having them. While green is dominant over blue there are very specific things that have to happen for green to occur.

Green eyes are more prevalent in Europe but biostatistician Edmund Custers confirmed that people of any race can have green eyes. So in conclusion since you probably didnt want to read a genetics lesson in a nutshell Dark brown hair is common and blue eyes are rare-ish. Green eyes are rare but so are blue eyes red hair is even rarer compared to straight blondes.

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