How To Apply Makeup Over Pimples

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Before you apply your foundation consider some color-correcting tricks to help neutralize your blemishes. How to Wear a Pimple Patch Under Makeup.

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Use a small stiff brush and tap the product directly onto the blemish.

How to apply makeup over pimples. Now that your popped pimple is protected with a layer of spot treatment its time to move on to concealer. By applying a layer of spot treatment and moisturizer before concealer you can help reduce irritation and discomfort. Try going over it layer by layer and one at a time by just gently blending it instead of thickly applying concealer.

Prepping Blemish-Prone Skin for Makeup Before you can apply seamless makeup you have to have a seamless canvas. First apply a sheer wash of foundation all over to cut down redness and even out your skin tone. After washing your face gently pat with a towel to make sure your skin is completely dry.

Apply foundation first to even out the skin tone then apply concealer to the spot for maximum coverage says Whelan. Use a face wash and. Next Matin recommends picking up a tiny amount of concealer on a small brush and blending it on the back of your hand so the pigment is dispersed evenly on the bristles which will avoid any clumps on your skin.

Apply primer to smooth your skins texture and provide a solid base. Leaving extra dirt or grime on your skin and then applying makeup over it will make your skin even worse. Ashleys suggestions include cutting primer out of your makeup routine diligently applying a spot treatment to active pimples and using a.

If you have a fresh pimple that is very red you want to neutralize it with a green color corrector Spickard explains. To get the best results use a brush dab on a bit of concealer and gently blend it so it wont irritate the skin around your pimple. Before applying any skin care put the patch directly on the trouble spot.

Select a primer that has smoothing and pore-eliminating. The same goes for leaving it on for longer than it needs to be. Choose a patch slightly bigger than the size of your zit.

If you are trying to tone down dryness make sure to use a. You may end up looking cakey if you do that. Foundation primers create a receptive base for the rest of your cosmetics to latch onto.

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