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How To Cut Your Own Side Swept Bangs At Home

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Move your scissors up and down to vary the length of hairs and dont overdo this. Hii guy aaj ki video hair cut reletet haimaine ghar par hi asani se iss tarah se hair cut kia h jo bahut semple sa haap log bhi aise hi apna hair cut kar skt.

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This step is optional.

How to cut your own side swept bangs at home. You can always cut more off later but putting it back on costs major mula. Only cut until the ends are less blunt Onto. How to Cut Side Swept Bangs ① Section your hair into a triangle and take a comb and where it lifts off is where youre going to start your bangs up.

Its important not to make the triangles base too wide or too narrow. Wash dry and style as usual. Holding scissors straight up and down cut into your bangs to soften the ends.

A side-swept fringe is a great lower-maintenance and super versatile bang option. Now hold your bangs between your index and middle finger and hold your scissors vertically in your hands. This keeps your hair from looking freshly cut or too obviously cut and blunt unless thats what you want.

This will prevent your bangs from looking freshly trimmed. Create a Triangular Part. Work your way all the way across your forehead.

How to Cut Your Own Bangs. Sweeping or Side-Swept Fringe. Section out your pre-existing fringe and use clips on each side to isolate longer hair away from the bang.

Also dont make the triangle too tall. Your pupil is usually a good guide but if youre worried take a little less hair. Cut in an upward motion.

You dont want to start your bangs too far forward because they can make your head look small②. Place the scissor at the very bottom edge of your bangs and open and close the scissor vertically and cut little parts. Grab one side and bring the hair down to your cheekbone using the peace sign trick then grab a feather razor and softly cut the hair in an angle to avoid a.

Start at the side you want to be the shortest.

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