How To Fix Curly Hair After Shower

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Apply the deep conditioning treatment to damp hair and place a shower cap over your hair. The gist is simple.

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Try mixing two or three of the kitchen-moisturizers for an easy treatment.

How to fix curly hair after shower. After washing and conditioning your hair you need to soak up excess water from your hair. If hair has dried spray to reset the curls. Most of this video is in real time From start finish.

If you have the time deep conditioning in the shower is a great way to multitask. Apply mousse glaze to set the curls and finish off with some hair cream to retain the moisture and shine. Just spray a fine mist of water until the hair is moist enough to reset the curls when it becomes messy after you wake up.

For beginners or ANYONE with curly H. After detangling rinse out the conditioner and cover your curls with a good quality hydrating deep conditioner. Using a shower cap traps in the moisture so that your hair is better able to soak it in.

Do not comb through if the hair has dried and set. Curly hair is often dry and brittle and can break easily when combed or brushed. For example you could mix coconut oil honey and banana.

Get used to apply a hydrating mask once in a while itll help detangle your hair and keep it as healthy as possible. Deep condition in the shower. Get ready with me.

There are many different methods of moisturizing your hair. Try brushing or combing curly hair in the shower to avoid breakage. Finally when stepping out of the shower make sure you gently pat instead of rubbing your hair with the towel like a full-on crazy person.

Just flip your sopping-wet hair over in the shower comb through it then cup and squish a palmful of product conditioner leave-in hair gel cream whatever into your hair. Put on a plastic shower cap and all the steam and heat from the shower to open your cuticles. At that point jump in the shower wash your body do your shaving in case youre into that and let the steam from the shower help the conditioner enter your strands.

Wrap up by washing your hair of course. You havent locked in or sealed in the moisture you got from the water. As you step outta the shower reach for this microfiber towel and scrunch-squeeze your hair a couple of times in order to absorb extra moisture while reintroducing your natural curl pattern back to your hair.

If you are only putting water in your hair once the water dries there really isnt any moisture in your hair. In order to keep the curls in your hair after drying you need to properly moisturize your hair. Instructions to Wash Curly Hair Without Stripping It.

Follow along after you get out of the shower.

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