How To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup Korean

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Do not rub it in otherwise your makeup will smudge and shift. Hi my loves.

How To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup By Nudie Glow Medium

Most of us know by now its important to wear sunscreen every day and have already incorporated SPF as part of the morning skincare routine before applying makeup.

How to reapply sunscreen over makeup korean. You put your sunscreen on apply makeup over it. I wear light makeup during summer and I just reapply a lighter formula like Bioré Watery Gel over my makeup. While this is now become second nature re-applying especially over makeup is another story one Ill put my hands up for not adhering to all the time either.

Especially during the hours of 12 pm noon and 4 pm this is when you get the most UV exposure. We recommend choosing a sunscreen that is lightweight and dries without any residue especially if you plan to wear makeup. The powder locks my makeup.

Ive done it in the medina in. That said its important to have a good UV protection base underneath your makeup to begin with. Here are some easy tips on how to reapply sunscreen to help maximise your protection during those long summer days under the merciless Australian sun.

All you need is an old fashioned makeup sponge or maybe a cushion not a beautyblender as they tend to absorb too much product and your regular sunscreen of which you apply a generous amount on the back of your hand and then dab not drag it across your face. Your sunscreen applied with a Korean puff or a sunscreen cushion. How To Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup.

When reapplying you dont need to wash off your sunscreen or anything you can just reapply sunscreen on top. Anna combination skin acne-prone hyperpigmentation For me I wear a face full of makeup anytime Im not in the house not skin blessed so reapplying anything in lotion cream or stick form is out of the questionCushion compacts have changed my life because not only can I reapply sunscreen I can also touch up my makeup on the go. Youll use the same technique as seen above but its important to know that this will inevitably damage the makeup especially your blush which is usually completely erased in the process.

If you cant reapply consistently throughout the entire day do so at. Start with your cheekbones nose and forehead the most prominent and easiest places for the sun to attack. Take the usual nickel worth of your favorite mineral sunscreen and use a sponge to take small amounts and tap it onto your face.

Then all over your face and neck too in the same motion. Take a few drops of sunscreen on your beauty sponge and press it into your skin. Not ideal but better than nothing and also actually it looks pretty cute and glowy.

The sunscreen powder is an excellent water-resistant formula that looks like photo-perfect makeup but is actually a great sunscreen. Then I re-apply a BB cushion once the sunscreen dries. I just wanted to do a quick video to respond to many questions regarding how to reapply sunscreen over makeup.

But youre meant to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Disregarding how high the SPF is on your sunscreen you need to reapply at least every two hours. 3 hrs Applying sunscreen once a day is not enough The Sun is a tough cookie and most formulas will need to be reapplied some of them – multiple times.

It goes without saying that all sunscreens are not created equal. PICK YOUR SUNSCREEN WISELY. The Korean Mall – Bangladesh added 5 new photos to the album.

I dont even bother with products that need to stay on specific areas of my face the priority is sun protection. Below we share a guide on how to apply and reapply your sunscreen when youre wearing makeup. When using SPF sprays and powders you should aim to reapply sunscreen more often than every 2 hours since its unlikely youll use the recommended amount 12 teaspoon for your face over makeup.

We are told to reapply every 2-4. So here are the sunscreen options available to reapply on top of makeup. Youve got to plan a backup blush if you want the result to remain.

Then every 2 hours I reapply water resistant sunscreen and that minimal makeup if necessary. Touch Up with a BB Cushion If you just cant be bothered removing your makeup in the middle of the day you can simply re-apply sunscreen with your favourite Korean BB Cushion. How do you reapply without messing up your makeup.

One important tip. Take your time in dabbing it into your skin and make sure you get in enough SPF aforementioned 14th teaspoon. Most dermatologists and product label.

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