How To Sleep With Really Long Hair

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How to sleep with long hair. Or you can pineapple your hair and then wear a satin bonnet over it to keep it in place.

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In this video I will show you how I get my hai.

How to sleep with really long hair. People often put hair up in a bun or ponytail for sleeping but that can lead damage like hair breakage. Ive tried wrapping it in a t shirt and wearing in a high pony tail both have affected my curl pattern. Wavies with very long hair how do you sleep with it.

This technique works best combined with others such as sleeping on. Get satin pillowcases for your bed. To prevent your long hair from frizzing up whilst you sleep applying a serum just to the end lengths of your hair before you rest for the night can really help you wake up to luscious locks the next day.

Braiding helps keep hair tangle-free while minimizing damage. In the morning remove the bun and brush out your hair until its straight. If silky is a problem you may be washing your hair too frequently.

I havent tried a bun but I think thatd mess it up too. Night caps served the purpose of containing long hair before the turn of the last century and women still wrapped their hair somehow braids ribbon braids etc. I get asked how I sleep with my long hair and if I do anything special to it before going to bed quite often.

A loose braid is sexiest but a high soft bun when pulled out may create sexy bedhead waves. Brush or comb your hair before bed. Is there no solution.

I have long hair and the best suggestion I can make is this. If your hair is too long to wear in a traditional pineapple you can gently wrap it in a loose bun and use loose clips to hold the ends out of your face. If your hair is really long your waves may fall into your face if you do a simple ponytail or bun.

My hair is too long for the pineapple. Apply a hair serum. Leave your hair loose its much better for your hair breakage wise and when you toss and turn.

For straight or wavy hair a brush will work best but for those with curly hair a wide-tooth comb may be a better option.

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