How To Soften Dr Martens Boots

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You need to remove this tray that sits under the sponge to reveal the Dr Martens balm. Fashion designer CharliCohen suggested Dr Martens own Wonder Balsam which is a balm designed to protect the leather as well as help soften the leather inside your boots.

How To Break In Your Brand New Doc Martens Breaking In Shoes Martens Doc Martens

The blend of coconut oil lanolin and beeswax will hydrate and ease the leather and soften gently.

How to soften dr martens boots. Breaking in Dr. This is the lid of the wonder balm. Best way to do it is to wear them around the house and do some light walking in them up to the point your heels start hurting too much let them recover for a day or so and then repeat the process.

Martens you may want to coat the outside in a waterproofing solution made specifically for shoes. From our Original 1460 to sky-high 20-eye editions and hard-hitting platforms discover the full range of DMs boots below. GET THE BOOTS ON AMAZON.

Marten boots be a very long and painful process. Warming the wax polish will make it easier to apply. Flex the boot with your hands a few times before putting it on.

You can check out our size guide for more information. Open your tub of polish and gently wipe a clean cloth in a circular motion over the wax to soften it. Remove the inner sole if youre finding that youre feeling pressure on the top of your foot when walking or if they feel too tight.

Wear thick socks and keep your laces tight. Work the balsam into. In these step-by-step guides well show you how to clean and care for your footwear with a few tips from the DMs Boot Doctor.

I use a pair of Mad. Rub mink oil or neats-foot oil on the outside of the boots. If the boot feels uncomfortable when you try it on especially in the width then it is too small.

But we wanted to hear from the resident experts the Docs community. Soaking the shoes primes the leather to stretch. Using the sponge the balsam came with apply a small amount to the boot rubbing in circles.

HOW TO CLEAN CARE FOR YOUR FOOTWEAR WITH TIPS FROM THE DMs BOOT DOCTOR With a little bit of care theyll last even longer. Make sure to use extra oil on areas that are particularly stiff. But with this technique you can break in any leather boot fast and easy.

As for the boots themselves whatever tool you use try and make it as large-headed as possible. If youre afraid of damaging your Dr. First of all unscrew the lid of your Doc Martens wonder balsam obviously and remove the handy little sponge sitting in the lid.

Use a brush to clean them if necessary. How to Use Wonder Balsam to Soften Your Docs Make sure your boots are dry and dust-free. Some time spent working on the leather can yield a softer boot.

Once you have some polish on your cloth apply it all over your Doc Martens with a firm pressure to push it into the pores of the leather. Wearing thick socks will protect your feet encourage the leather to warm up soften faster. Soften the boots with the Dr Martens Wonder Balsam.

Soak your shoes in water for at least two minutes. Now underneath the sponge you will see a small tray that the sponge rests in. Whether dancing working or clambering your way to the barriers of your favourite band who could be better to give advice on how to break them in than the DMs community.

Where it all began six decades ago. Weve made more boots than any other style. This actually worked really well I used it on my boots for a week while wearing them in with a couple of pairs of socks for added stretch and it helped wear them in.

Docs will soften and stretch as you wear them in. How to make Dr Martens Comfortable. Wear two pairs of socks.

Thatll toughen up your heels. If this is your first pair of Doc Martens its important that you follow these steps when breaking in. Martens shoe care is designed to make tough footwear damn-near-indestructible.

When it comes to breaking your DMs in we know there are some tried and tested ways to do so.

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