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Air-dry dont touch or. Once the curl clumps are wet again you can apply the gel to them.

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That was always my question too.

How to use gel curly hair reddit. It is really important to put gel onto wet hair. When I got my Devacut I saw how much gel she was using and was surprised. Turn off the water still keeping my head upside down I put gel on my palms using Aussie mega gel but it has polyquats so I want to switch after I use it up and put palms together like when clapping with the hair in between and slide them down to coat my hair with gel.

Im like 2c3a low porosity my routine is cowash with suave ocean breeze and then add LA looks gel. Read through it to learn more about how to take care of curly or wavy hair. So my hair only has been clumping in small stringy clumps and I have sooo much frizz.

This is a detailed overview of each step of the CG method. I use tresseme as a co-wash then turn my head over and squish to condish leaving a little bit of conditioner in my hair. I suspect Im putting the gel in wrong because it totally breaks the clumps I get from squish2condish-ing.

If you find that parts of your hair have started to dry before you have had a chance to apply your gel just re-wet them using a spray bottle filled with water. Either plop your hair for 5-15 minutes or gently cup and scrunch the excess water from your hair with a cotton T-shirt or microfiber towel. The Curly GirlGuy Method aka CG or CGM is a gentle moisturizing hair care method to bring out the best in your curls or waves.

For all natural curlies coilies and wavies. I would see gals with long hair use a pea-size amount of gel and Im thinking well my shorter hair I should be using half that. To know more about applying styler to naturally curly hair read my blog post.

So Ive been using that much with any gel or mousse and getting much better results. Hey guys Ive been trying out coconut eco gel I dont know if its just more noticeable because its really sticky compared to the curl enhancing gel I used before but when I put it in soaking wet hair I think its just all sliding out again with the water and I only really get curls when I scrunch a lot of the water out with a T-shirt I have 2 bc waves I think but its just. Find help with your hair recommendations on products technique advice.

Applying gel to curly hair without destroying clumps.

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