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How To Use Gel In Curly Hair

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Generally you should start with the gel just above your hairline and work it back towards the crown of. Style your hair according to the look youre going for as aforementioned.

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Then use your fingers to apply the gel deeper into your hairs roots Once youve done a few passes the gel should be well spread within your hair.

How to use gel in curly hair. After cleansing and conditioning apply your styler if youre cocktailing apply a cream first then a gel while your curls are still wet. You can use a comb to spread the gel deeper. You should hear a squishy sound of the water in your hair mixing with the product.

1 day agoThen I apply the Pattern Beauty Strong Hold Gel to create a cast that will keep my curls defined and frizz-free all week long. I smooth and scrunch this in as well. Thereafter you can brush or shape your hair as per your intended hairstyle.

For super curly hair leave your curls soaking wet to help elongate your look. Mix the gel in your palms before applying it down your curls. I always recommend using a gel for a wash-n-go style to assure that it will be easy to refresh all week long especially if you live in a humid area.

If you can see a lot of loose hair and frizz your hair is already too dry and the gel wont work as well. Gel should be applied onto wet hair as soon as possible once you are out of the shower. The gel has great hold and keeps my curls defined.

The size of your curl clumps will vary depending on your hair. Learn how to style curly hair using different application techniques for super defined curls volume definition praying hands method for volume and stretc. Make sure your curls are really hydrated before applying the gel.

Tilt your head forward and glide the styler evenly from the roots to the ends. To know more about applying styler to naturally curly hair read my blog post. 23 hours agoProduct cocktailing is a method used to define and manage curls by using a mixture of two to three leave-in care and styling products.

This is usually done with your hair hanging forwards. For beginners start with a CGM-approved gel. Apply the gel to your curl clumps in a scrunching motion.

The ideal mix would be a dollop of curl cream a pump of serum and a pump of a lightweight hair gel. The amount of gel you use totally varies on your hair type and texture and what gel you are using. Start by applying the gel just above your hairline.

Then I take a tiny amount of the product and apply it on my crown and the part of my head at the back till my neck. Then I repeat this with a handful of gelor a little less if it is a high hold gel. Applying gel to curly hair without destroying clumps.

A good way to determine how much gel to use is to start by applying a dime-size amount of gel to every 2-3 inch sections of your hair. This is a good way to distribute the product evenly. Then check back with your curls when they are 30 dry.

Scrunch a palmful more than feels normal into your sopping wet hair from roots to tips. Just take the products in the palm of your hand rub them together to mix them and then apply. Apply the gel.

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