How To Wash Curly Hair Properly

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However dont scrub throughout the strands as this could cause your curls to become tangled. Wet your hair thoroughly and apply your favorite conditioner or oil.

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Flipping your head upside down is amazing because the hair pulls away from the scalp and makes it easier to slide your fingers into the hair.

How to wash curly hair properly. One of the best ways to detangle your curls is by simply using your fingers. Rinse your hair with water allowing the shampoo to wash overthe ends. Step-by-step wash day routine for naturally curly hair Method 2.

To use this styling cream to hydrate and moisturize your hair you must. In the front part retouch with water comb the hair with cream and define the curls and press them with your fingers. Then I brush it I know I know into a ponytail before work.

No so product friction a clean scalp and happy curls Taylor shares these other cleansing tips. Focus on the scalp and first few inches of curls. Try brushing or combing curly hair in the shower to avoid breakage.

With daily washing its important to use the right amount of product on your hair. Leave the hair soaking wet before you apply the conditioner. It is important to leave curls and coils at least 50-percent wet he advises.

Moisten the curl by spraying it with water and squeeze the curls with your hand to shape them. I use a low-lather sulfate-free shampoo on curly hair and massage it into the scalp in circular motions since it excretes the dirt during the wash process. This can help open the pores of your scalp and allow it to be more receptive to any products you apply.

Right ways to wash curly hair Firstly you must change your wash habits and how often you wash the hair Completely saturate the hair with water then add the cleanser Use your fingertips to massage and also to clean the scalp thoroughly. Im noticing my hair is getting straighter and frizzier because Im not looking after it properly. Before applying shampoo make sure that hair is properly soaked by saturating it completely under lukewarm water for at least a minute.

Then apply a small amount of mousse to all the hair. Sulfate-free Shampoos or Low-Poos. Message through your hair then gently run your fingers through each section of your hair breaking up tangles.

Wash twice using warm water because you want to. Apply it to one section of your curls and use your finger tips to work into the scalp. Take a quarter sized amount of product and squeeze into the palm of your hand.

If your hair is on the straighter side Leake says a dry shampoo can help stretch out your time between wash days. Rinse and squeeze out excess water. I tend to just wash my hair with a CG approved shampoo and conditioner bar on days when I get really gross before letting it air dry before bed.

And you dont want anything that will strip the hair he says. Use circular motions at the roots rather than at the top canopy layer to prevent creating tangles. BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH ANOTHER VIDEOHave you seen the Worlds First Dance EP TYG Check it out here.

Follow up with a deep conditioner preferred or regular conditioner. Curly hair is often dry and brittle and can break easily when combed or brushed.

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