How To Wear Your Natural Curls

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When you want your hair to look as curly as possible your fingers are the best tools you can use to handle your hair. Using your fingers instead of a brush or comb will help your natural curls stay together rather than pulling them apart.

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A rule of thumb for curls is the bigger the better.

How to wear your natural curls. I will include a few tips on how I trained my curls and allowed. Make like Issa Rae and create a sleek base either with gel or cornrows then leave the. The sections dont need to be perfect but should be secured together with clips or simple braids or twists.

Wear a shower cap over your strands for 15 minutes with the Pre-wash Treatment in your hair the natural heat from your scalp will really help soften strands and make your following steps much smoother. Make your hairstyle ambitions more controllable by taming your crown into workable sections. Curls are naturally dry and therefore will need extra support to stay hydrated.

Use a blow dryer on a warm setting to activate and penetrate the product deeper into your curls. Once your hair is sectioned hydrate your crown with moisturizer. Finally a video showing you guys my process on how I bring out my natural curls.

This will work well to keep moisture locked in. I hope you guys enjoy and find it helpful. Step 1 – Section your hair.

3 Flip your hair over and blot it dry in sections. Simply work through your damp hair evenly and give it a little scrunch at the ends for instantly more defined curls. A variation on the curly puff a pomp is a fun slightly retro way to wear your natural curls in an updo.

Youll need to moisturize your curls regularly and then seal in the moisture. 1 day agoThe new Nexxus Curl Define range is specifically designed to restore your hair from within and is infused with a blend of silk protein. In todays video I am showing you guys my routine for when I wear my natural hair.

Starting from the back use your fingers to distribute the product evenly through your hair. Seal in moisture. Step 2 – Detangle each section.

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