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Styling Curly Hair In The Shower

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Use A Wide-Toothed Comb. The gist is simple.

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It has to do with the addition of water molecules to the hair.

Styling curly hair in the shower. 1 day agoFor styling I typically style whilst Im in the shower. As hair is made of protein daily intake of protein-rich foods will help your hair become strong and healthy and prevent excess shedding. Just flip your sopping-wet hair over in the shower comb through it then cup and squish a palmful of product conditioner leave-in hair gel cream whatever into your hair.

That way my hair is soaking wet as I rake and scrunch products in my hair including Living Proofs Curl Cream and Evo Hair Foam. Simply put hair reverts to its natural state when it gets wet which in your case is curly. After-shower combing may also cause hair shedding.

I then diffuse till my hair is big and fluffy. Bergfeld also recommends using a wide tooth comb to help tame your locks. Instead aim for one to three days a week.

Cut down on washing and conditioning if you can. If youre interested in the actual science behind it leave a comment below and Id be happy to explain. Follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Also consume foods rich in iron essential vitamins amino acids and folic acid.

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