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How To Make Highlighter Makeup At Home

Today Ill be showing diy highlighterHow to Make Your own Highlighter at Home for your face. This is a

How To Make Your Curly Hair Soft For Guys

Nobody wants straw for hair but many hair care products marketed for silky hair are aimed at women. H

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Learn how to alter a HUGE tee into a Fitted one thats just your sizeIf you try this trend make sure t

How To Make Eyeshadow Long Lasting

Having a long wear or 24-hour wear eye shadow primer works best she advises. The above tricks. Sace L

How To Make Your Own Makeup Highlighter

A simple base of beeswax castor oil and coconut oil is heavily laced with a blend of shimmery micas t

How To Make Thick Hair Wavy Male

Not sure what to do with my thick curlywavy hair. Ive been growing it for about a year now and just d

How To Apply Makeup To Make Nose Appear Smaller

The Best Makeup Tricks to Make your Nose Look Smaller 1. Apply a matte highlighter. How To Make A Big

How To Make My Blue Eyes Look Bluer Without Makeup

Use purple to play up blue particularly violet blue or blue eyes. When you have the blue eyes then on

How To Make Makeup At Home With Crayons

If the texture goes like a little dryer or starts going a little patchy or if your lipstick starts to

How To Make Men's Hair Spiky

How can I make my spiky straight hair flat Im a boy without using a straightener. For cowlicks make s